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Monday, October 15 2007
In 2008, we will again have our Zag Xtreme Project which will be sponsoring children in Africa.  In 2007,  Zag sponsored children for in the names of our traveling teams.  The support provided for necessary, food, water, and education for the child.  The athletes and teams were then expected to write letters and gain an understanding for the situation that these children in Africa come from.  Zag Xtreme has been inspired by the UN Millenium Project found here:


Although, what we do is very small in the grand scheme of the world, if we all do something we can affect change. We continually feel inspired to do something to make a difference whether it be giving back with our hands or sponsoring those in extreme poverty with our support. We hope to instill the same in our traveling athletes. We hope that they will be inspired to consider how they can make a difference in bigger ways as they advance beyond the field and into professional life.
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