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 Why Zag? 

Here's why we are different:


The world's best on tour.   The world's best teams turn to us for unique and powerful programs. With some of the best Universities, Clubs, National teams, and High Schools, enjoying our unique blend of travel, play, and giving back.   Join just some of the many;  Princeton University, Quinnipiac,  Towson, Conn College, English National Team, Skidmore, Cabrini, Union, Durham University England,  Italia BC, UNC, Richmond University, HC Argentina, Japanese National Team, Cabrini, Mystx, Kinkaid, PDS,  Mount St. Joseph's, Hotchkiss, Gross Point HC, Greenwich Academy, Welsh National Team,  Rikkyo University Tokyo, Keio University Tokyo, Hamilton,  Lasalle, Haverford, and many more!  Join us now!


Changing lives and giving back. We are pioneers in a new breed of sports tour we have coined "Philanthropic Sports Tours". We feel a responsibility to develop international sports experiences which also serve as vehicles to serve a greater good.  Every Zag experience has a required element of international community service.  It may be working with Habitat for Humanity for ½ day, giving hope to Argentine orphans, working with Aboriginal children in Australia, or working with villagers in South Africa.  International service has been a part of our fabric since our inception.  Not only do we work to give back on tour we also give a portion of proceeds to our not for profit partners at World Vision and others.  Whatever the hockey playing country we visit...there is opportunity...opportunity to make a difference. Click here for more about Giving Back

Sports tours by Sports people.  We know sports and have a passion for sharing and developing the game around the world.  We are part of the coaching and sports community as former players and current and former coaches.  We truly understand the needs of our U.S. teams on the field and more importantly have a passion game and for the athletes they work to develop. Now isn't it time we have sports tours by sports people!

A leader in worldwide sports events and programs.  In addition to our tour programs in over 20 countries, we also have our own elite event properties or event rights in Argentina, Holland, Australia, Bermuda, USA, Ireland, and more.  Our events,  for teams of all ages, are designed to maximize the playing opportunities, while at the same time exposing our athletes to the many different cultures often represented at our events.


Unique interactive cultural and adventure experiences.  We strive to develop creative activities which work to expose the athletes to the culture from the inside out. Seeing history and culture is important, but experiencing it is what we do at Zag! Whether it be "homestay" with an Argentine family, a pizza making lesson with an Italian Pizza chef, surfing like an Aussie, or taking on the rapids of the Swiss Alps, we hope that our experiences challenge our athletes to grow in ways they have never thought possible.  Regardless of the destination, we have worked hard to create activities which can only be found at Zag.


Passion.  Sports are our passion.  Making a difference is our mission.  We do this because we have a passion for what we do.  A passion to make a difference in some small way.  A passion to develop the whole person off the field and the elite athlete and team on the field. 


An experience for every budget.  We have an international experience for you and many of which are designed for varying budgets.  Join us in Argentina, Australia, Holland, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Bermuda, Barbados, Japan, New Zealand, China, New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada and experience how unique we are!


Experienced team of travel experts with years of industry experience.  Critical to every organization is its team. Our team consists of travel experts across the world who have been making team and group arrangements for years. Coupled with our quality control measures, cutting edge technology, and human resources, our team the world over is leveraged to provide you an optimal international experience.

Leading tour preparation.
We pride ourselves on a commitment to tour preparation and technology with supports pre-tour education.  Our cutting edge online tour center will provide you with all the tools and organization necessary for you and your team to feel fully prepared.  Knowledge is power and the more you know going into your program the more you will get out of the experience.  In addition to our online resources, we pride ourselves on being a very personal organization.  On average our staff will meet with you and your group 2 to 3 times to properly review and prepare your group for travel.  This personal attention is a very important characteristic of our organization and allows our teams to put a name with a face.





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